What we do

What we do

Designers United works to provide women not only with the opportunity to participate equality in social life, but also with educational activities. Through the use of handicrafts, Designers United organizes streaming educational courses, programs to develop participants’ preexisting skills and talents, and integration activities in order to create the desired social effect.

In addition to our workshop projects, we also organize, without sacrificing the above mentioned sensitivities, seminars and educational programs with field professionals on a regular basis.

For the continued success of our work model we design and organize seminars on marketing with the aid of field professionals to help provide women earning low income to earn a sustainable income.

Our first seminars began with İsmail and Dilek Erzurumlu, during which the fundamental concepts used in the fields of integration, communication, and marketing were presented. Our current seminar series is being realized thanks to the volunteered support of Assistant Professor Taşkın Dirsehan. During the seminars, women engage in applied learning experiences to learn important information related to the production and marketing process. The subject of future seminars will be decided based on the questions and feedback of the current participants. This series of seminars will continue with new seminars focusing on field activities related to integration and the construct of gender in society.


In line with our projects established with the aim to enable low-income women earn a sustainable income, we organize cooperative workshops with both foreign and Turkish native designers and artisans two to six times a year in order to develop new product groups. Women are able to participate in all workshop projects not only to develop their own skills in producing hand-made crafts, but also to actively participate in the production process. Following the workshop, we support women by providing educational activities so that they may develop a sustainable work model to sell their own products.

Our first two workshop projects were realized through the help of two famous designers, Claire Burkert and Susie Vickery. Resulting from these two workshop projects was a variety of specially designed products brought to life through the joint creativity of both women and children. You may view our products at the project’s website.

Our third workshop project was realized with the help of Orkide Güngör, known as Aniij. Brought to life by women’s hopes, a new collection was launched under the theme of “Anatolia’s Ancient Colors” The products featured in this collection will be available on Palmyra Design’s website soon.

We will continue to be a support to women with new workshops and other projects...